[10912] Changeling absorbs me without being a target

Byond Account: McOnchePonche

Character Name(s): Svetlana Andrei

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000

Round ID:10895

Griefer Byond account:??

Griefer Byond name: I lost the screenshot with his name…

What happened :

It was near the start of the immovable rod event. I saw an officer getting gibbed by the rod in front of me, near an engineer. I was getting is ID and his head to get him back to Science, but I’ve been hit by the rod too. The engineer then takes me to the dorms, and starts to absorb me. He left my body in the dorm after finishing draining it.

I had to wait a lot of time to get revived considering the bloodloss, organs failure, to even at one point the CMO trying to destroy my body because I was a changeling apparently (I just died from oxyloss because of low blood levels).
I have been revived after with a brain transplant in another clone.

Maybe it was a beginner changeling, but I wasn’t a target. Unsure how he performed at the end.

Rules state that you can murder witnesses and #ask-mods discussions have stated you can murder people in a certain dept members to get closer to your target that is in the same department. Some changelings are desperate for it too as they may need 7-8 genomes or have an objective requiring they get more genomes than anyone else.

In short murder and absorbing (from what I understand) is okay so long as it brings you closer to your target or is tied to your objective in some other way. What department were you in that round?

You are mistaking absorbing for DNA extraction sting. Absorbing non-targets is a nono.

Sorry to reply late.

  1. it was in hallway, the crossroad to bridge, bar, chemistry on box station. So there was NO point to drag me out of a public area to a restricted one.
  2. The changeling had solo goals and nothing related to science.
  3. DNA extraction is harmless and counts for DNA genome account.
  4. Absorbtion is reserved to targets as it REALLY fucks up their health and make recovery hard.
  5. There was no testimony. He wasn’t even attacking the officer. Just dragged me out to dorms when I was empalled by the rod.

Sorry for the long reply time this is all taken care of now!