[10945] Victor XII

Byond Account: Ugandalorian

Character Name(s): Crystal Margaret

Discord Name: Ugandalorian#0207

Round ID: 10945

Griefer Byond account: Sgt_Solid01

Griefer Byond name: Victor XII

What happened: I was with borg in a chapel. Borg wanted to cremate a body because “hos asked to do so”. Before I could ask HoS borg said “An unknown just threw a body in the crematorium.”. I didn’t see anybody so I went there. It was empty. I asked HoS about that guy on borg and Victor XII showed up, killed me with makarov pistol and locked my body in crematorium.
I wasn’t his target. I wasn’t a witness as I didn’t even see him. He removed me from the game with this.

Sorted, thanks for the report.