[11282] Cargo tech and assistant trying to kill me on nukie round

Byond account - Ugandalorian
Character name - Quiet Quartz
Round ID - 11282
Griefer Byond account: I don’t know
Griefer Byond name: Marshall Bashline and Alfredo Zaun
What happened - First cargo tech intentionally shot me claiming that I attacked first (there was no nukie around and that cargo missed first few bullets as I moved forward) and then an assistant almost killed me with a spear. It was nukie round. I was a mime in witch costume.

Yea, Marshall Bashline shot at me and you while I was passing cargo. I batoned them and took their gun away from them. The mag was nearly empty, so it looked like they had been shooting a lot.

They said that they were “defending their territory” whatever that means.

I wasn’t even in cargo, I was in a hallway, right next to the hop line.

sounds like cargonia

Hey, this needs to be marked as a grief patrol or it won’t be seen. I’ll flag it to be moved.

Moved. Thanks!

It was already solved, I made another topic as I couldn’t change its category.