[11321] The MAN (Captain) and Adrian Kallinsky ruining command and the shift

Byond Account: McOnchePonche

Character Name(s): Svetlana Andrei

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000

Round ID: 11321

Griefer Byond account: —

Griefer Byond name: The MAN | Adrian Kallinsky

What happened:

Somehow. It started about an argument in command because of the Xenobio egg. I tried to reassure everything was in control and we were setting things up. But somehow, The Captain had the idea to promote Adrian Kallinsky because “he can do a better job than me”. I explained everything was in control and I didn’t need anyone else in Science, but they managed to spite me. Adrian was threatening me as he could be better. Adrian was an engineer in first place, so that would be suspicious for me.

Considering how we had confirmed changelings (which I warned the Captain again), I was afraid that Adrian would break into Xenobiology and sabotage the work. Specialy after saying he would work in Toxins. I took it myself and cuffed him. Security came with the HoS, and took care of Adrian. Then the rest of the round was an argument about this decision, and how I was disobeing the CoC. We, with Kirie, planned to call Centcom about this issue, but no admins were online, so I dropped the idea.

They started to threaten me to get the work done on the egg, which I already explained we needed a lot of setup to prevent breaches. Specialy when we were in the middle of sentient disease. Adrian started again to break into Xenobiology, and Captain suicided by throwing himself in the xeno egg, making it hatch. He then tried to build a wall to hide our sight, and maybe teleport out ? We called the shuttle after this as the command was compromised and the xeno would be on the loose.

In short, Captain and Adrian ruined the round by their entitlement and their nuisence despite being non antagonists.

This has been taken care of.