[11764] Security doesn't bother to investigate and treat me like a shit

Byond Account: Ugandalorian
Character Name(s): Crystal Margaret
Discord Name:
Round ID: 11764
Griefer Byond account: Saluthello and I don’t know other person byond account
Griefer Byond name: Jacqueline Ironmonger and Lyollia Southpaw


  1. I was trying to check some virology combos with Katherine Hayden but we needed CMO approval because it involved atmo tech help and some plasma in the air in special zone.
  2. When I was asking CMO about that Nicole Vonel-Saito came to us and was trying to prank CMO flashing him.
  3. I dragged CMO away from Nicole in the direction of central hallway, away from maintenance.
  4. CMO freaked out and told on comms that I and Nicole attacked him.
  5. I was waiting on the spot for security to come.
  6. Security arrested Nicole and started checking the content of her bag. I was still waiting on the spot.
  7. Lang Lang (detective) said to come with her and dragged me to brig. I had no cuffs on me. I wasn’t resisting. I think told to det that I want to resolve the situation (because it is misunderstanding). At no point I was resisting the arrest.
  8. I was brought directly to perma medbay, not interrogation, cell or that area where you take people’s bags.
  9. Lyollia Southpaw probably on Jacqueline Ironmonger command stripped me of my bio suit, blindfolded me and put straight jacket on me. Normally I would freak out and start to resist on a spot by pushing her on the glass table but I did not want thing to escalate at that point.

Now what is the issue with this:

  1. Nobody searched me before
  2. Nobody asked a question, they didn’t ask AI (AI saw what happened) or CMO. Just radio message that “Crystal (viro) and Nicole are trying to kidnap CMO”.
  3. They put such things as blindfold and straight jacket on me before even trying to tell a word to me or put a cuffs on me in case of resisting. Nothing. I was surrounded in brig by security, I was trying to cooperate but all they did was harrasing me.

I take their action as a harassment and treating me like shit. They abused their power. Nobody was trying to actually find out what happened, nobody was trying to actually talk with me like with normal human being… or at all. Nobody was trying to even tell me what is going on. And for me it doesnt matter how long that lasted. It is not supposed to happen to any player on fulp.

I know it would probably be rejected but at least I can try.

You only got blindfolded and then tracker implanted with the other girl on a suspicion of being a blood brother with her, stop being a crybaby no one has abused or beaten you up.
I didn’t want you to see the implanting (cause youd prolly remove it as doctors) but i guess you could still tell you got injected with something.

I could tell and I was told by a captain. This is not how you handle interactions with people. Oh right, there was no interactions at all. Escpecially based on no evidence you had at that moment.

While security aren’t technically required to question you, what they did mess up here was standard operating procedure. Crystal should have been taken into a brig cell, her belongings stripped and searched, then giving a appropriate time. Blindfolding and straightjacketing a non-hostile person is just shit
sec and failure of standard procedure.


This has been looked into, thank you for the report.