[13289] Good clown report

Byond Account: Likteer
Character Name(s): Shitass
Discord Name: Likteer#4031
Round ID: 13289
Good person Byond account:
Good person Byond name: Kill Me The Clown
What happened:

General good behaviour throughout the round (saved my life and refused accepting a credit chip at some point too).
Near the end, I see him dragging a smoke machine onto the Raven Cruiser and get anxious.
However, it was neither EORG, nor shuttle grief.
The clown instead fills the machine with a harmless specifically coloured chemical (spray tan iirc), starts dancing around while exclaiming about piss.
I’d like a good note for this fellow.

Thanks for your report! I’ll look into it and give him a service medal for their valour and a free cookie.

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