[13529] Warden skips space law classes and avoids the brig like it's the black plague

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home
Discord Name: Greg2 
Round ID: 13529
Griefer Byond account:13529
Griefer Byond name:Rocco Edwards 
What happened: 

Incident One:
Xar See is brought to brig for breaking and entering and given an extremely long sentence by hos for the crime, due to warden being chronically unable to stay in brig he does not fix the sentence nor does he care to do so when he accidentally returns to brig. Neither him nor hos checked Xar for tools which allowed them to mess with the cell walls and almost escape. This shows that the warden does not understand the role expectations of his job and would rather go out on patrol when we have enough officers and what at the time seemed to be a greenshift.

Incident 2
Elizabeth Watt and Sergio started their own shop to which people would sell and buy stuff to and the warden that was chronically unable to stay in brig was a bit frustrated they wouldn’t buy his corgis that we had infinite off. Later into the shift I start selling printable nightvision sechuds and other replaceable gear to get some extra cash, just morally lax officer things. Officer John sees that the shop had an egun(not sold by me) and tries to hop over the counter and go in, get’s stuned by the shop owner and starts to shoot with his own energy gun on lethal which for some reason he had during a greenshift. Small brawls ensue and Sergio and Elizabeth get arrested and brought to brig. Now the problem starts here as the warden shows a poor understanding of space law and charges them with grand theft for having the eyepatch hud. He threw Sergio in the brig cell while he was heavily injured and did not provide him with appropriate care for his wounds(he was in crit I believe) until the brig doc happened to pass by and see him.

According to space law and the crime glossary the eye patch hud is not considered a high risk item. They were also unable to prove tresspassing or theft of said item when the shop owners said that they purchased it

To sum it up, Warden does not know the role expectations of a warden or does not care about them, does not understand the brig procedures, does not understand when heavier firepower needs to be deployed(why give eguns when there have been no traitors confirmed) and does not have a solid understanding of spacelaw while playing a role that requires it.

This has been handled, thank you for your report!