[14542] Uplink discount exploit abuse

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home/Anne Thrax
Discord Name: Greg2
Round ID: 14542
Griefer Byond account: Kacperpl123pl
Griefer Byond name: Marczin Szebeszyszki 
What happened: He bought 12 unique items all on high discounts, rather obvious use of the exploit that allows you to reroll your discounts in the uplink

Every purchased item was on a sale of 50% or higher.


Don’t we the fix for this, currently test merged?

Sort of. Yesterday, we testmerged the TGU and untestmerged the exploit fix due to it coming alongside the TGU. Afterwards, TGU was untestmerged but the exploit fix wasn’t testmerged back.
In my personal opinion, this is blatant and knowingly abuse of the exploit as the exploit was known (but fixed) by the testmerged PR. This just really seems like waiting for the opportunity (aka the fix being unTM’d) to abuse the exploit to give yourself an advantage. Hell, he literally did it with every single time.

I’m only responding this as the one who ported the fix testmerge after someone abused it and got a 3day for doing so.

Dealt with. Thanks!