17554 - Lawyer goes hostile in public mining without reasoning

Byond Account: SimplySmiley
Character Name(s): Kashik-Dum
Discord Name: SimplySmiley
Round ID: 17554
Date: 16.11.21 - around 19:00 round ended
Griefer IC name: Allijah (something, I don’t remember the last name and I can’t go back far enough to double check, but they were a lawyer)
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: After arriving late to the round during Nuke Ops, I went to middle, saw people dying and/or dead, and decided to go back to arrivals and get to mining base for more sutures and regen mesh after hearing that nukies are near medical.
On the Public Mining Shuttle I saw the lawyer bashing the console (pretty sure with the briefcase), I hopped on and when I stepped in they started attacking me, I sent the shuttle, they kept attacking me, I ran off out into lavaland to heal up and after that critted him and escaped only to realise I got infected from him with Fungal virus.

I thought they were a traitor going ham because of Nuke Ops so I didn’t a-help, but got confused when I saw he wasn’t any of the antagonists that round. No idea why they decided to attack me out of the blue with no word spoken.

Looking through logs, it turns out the round you are referring to is 17555, where you repeatedly flashed and kicked them out of Science, but no other interactions than that. They also had the muscle spams brain trauma throughout the majority of the round.