2 chefs self-antag

Byond Account: Banement
Character Name(s): Snas, Altjira XC
Discord Name : Bаnеmеnt#0666
Round ID: 25918
Date: 15/04/2023
Griefer IC name: Eyevee Burnin, Jean De L’Luc
What happened:

Round start as a clown, I walk into the bar/rec area, and suddenly both chefs CQC me and almost put me into crit. It was entirely unprovoked and they refused to say why. Later, both chefs were harassing people in the rec area, I think stealing things, and CQCing people, then somehow, Jean got a gravitational manipulator and started blasting everybody with it. They both randomly killed a few people and beheaded some too.

None were antagonists.


handled, thanks!