2 non-antags tiding into genetics with sec and high risk gear

Byond Account: MentalCow
Character Name(s): Danny Man 
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Round ID: 14209
Griefer Byond account: ? 
Griefer Byond name: Albreacht von helinstine and Anthony Richter
What happened:

I was captain that round and i went to get space adapt before the shuttle arrived. I saw these two breaking into genetics as i was getting my space adapt, one was a chaplain wearing sec gear and the other was a scientist(i think) wearing the reflective coat and a sec id. They break in as im in there and say “chill we’re just getting space adapt” and when i tell them to get out and telebaton them, they pull out batons and stun me. Alivia King, a sec officer, comes to help deal with it. One then harm batons me. After i got harmbatoned, i gave alivia permission to use lethal force and kill them cause the two of them were proving difficult to arrest and used lethal force against me. Alivia kills one and a roboticist knocks one into crit. I would’ve ahelped but i assumed they were antags because of the reflective coat, but when the round ended, it was revealed that i was a greenshift and they were self-antagging and possibly metacomming.

Handled, thanks for your report (and as you probably suspected, it was not Anthony Richter that assaulted you but rather someone with their ID).