22tanks Command Ban Appeal

Byond Account: 22tanks
Character Name(s): Furuta Nijimura
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): The One Eyed King#0385
Round ID of Ban: 10878

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
You, or another user of this computer or connection (22tanks) is banned from playing Head of Personnel.
The ban reason is: Round ID #: 10878
Rules Broken: Core 2, Command Responsibilities 1, 1.1, 2.2
Reason: As the HoP you gave yourself AA, told the captains headset, then went AFK without ahelping for 20+ minutes. You have a history of incompetent Command gameplay. If you wish to play command again appeal on the forums.

This ban (BanID #13983) was applied by TTGNASA on 2020-11-11 20:54:59 during round ID 10878.
This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: While I do agree with most of the reasoning behind my ban, I do have two things to say about the reasoning behind the ban. To start with the part about the captain’s headset. The captain personally dropped one of their headsets in my office (right next to where I was standing, heavily implying that they wanted me to use that headset, to which I obliged.). While there were no words exchanged between the two of us at that point, I do not believe I did not take any personal property that was not intended to be in my hands by the captain themself. While I do believe my whole AFK part for 20+ is reasonable under normal circumstances as well, I was called to a family emergency at the time of my “disappearance”. For legal reasons, I cannot state much, except for the fact that it has to do with someone close to me being accused of committing horrible deeds. Lastly, as for the history of incompetent command gameplay, I honestly do not know what is going on with that. As command, I try my best to keep the crew in good spirits while also making sure that things run well as well. I do apologize if my playstyle isn’t the best yet, while I do have nearly 19.2 hours as command, I do consider myself to still be learning how to play command. I’ll try to adapt as necessary to meet the status quo but you’ll just need to take my word on that part. With nothing else to say I guess that I just want to be able to talk to the staff member directly about it, instead of being forced to either make an appeal like this or a staff report.

I gave NASA approval for the permaban to make sure that we could have an actual discussion about this. Your command play that round was abysmal, and your fingerprints being on the captain’s locker indicates that the headset wasn’t just “dropped off” for you to take. Additionally, unless you’re metacomming, there’s no reason for you to assume that a dropped item was “meant” for you. It’s powergaming, and it’s against server rules. Stuff happens IRL all the time, but we have no way of knowing what’s happening if you don’t ahelp it first. However, the powergaming command gear would have been sufficient reason for the ban by itself.
I’ve reduced your ban to a 3 day command ban from the original ban (so 2 days from now). Please aquaint yourself with the server rules for command and RP exepctations in the meantime.