25314 ssd stealing

Byond Account: Neocloudy
Character Name(s): Rei-Rahl
Discord Name: Neocloudy#0088
Round ID: 25314
Date: 4/6/2023
Griefer IC name: Cristopher Draudy
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Went SSD as HoS due to network shit for around 10 minutes and my PDA with my ID inside was stolen, and my Egun aswell

Cristopher was a Blood Brother of 2 others, but it wasn’t their objective technically to take my egun or ID shit [it was to take the multiphase]

Taking IDs, weapons, and such without actually killing security or heads of staff is always allowed for most antag roles. Since he was a blood brother, this is fine.