3d Silicon Appeal - Clarification?

Byond Account: Stocking_An
Character Name(s): V.E.X
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Stocking
Round ID of Ban: 27967

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Banned from Roles: silicon, AI, Cyborg, pAI, Bot, Drone, Posibrain for 3 days - Round 27967 - Following up on grief patrol. As AI on corporate lawset, allowed a bunch of random people into brig because you were mad at security. Due to a recent note on poor silicon play, this is a 3 day ban. Read the rules here: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki
State your appeal:

I’d like to explain a few things that were going on this round because I don’t think the follow-up staff saw what was happening in the Brig at the time. From what I was observing, the only Security Officer in the round was finding random people to arrest and leaving them in the Brig indefinitely. I saw two people in there for quite a long time with 15 minute timers which were not activated. I recall checking them a couple times over the shift and nothing had changed. Furthermore, the officer was allegedly taunting the people in the Brig, promising to lower their ridiculous timers and then not doing so.

I wasn’t just saying this person was doing a “shitty job,” he was acting well outside of the bounds of security and locking down every crew member he could get his hands on for as long as possible. This was a serious problem for the entire station. I wasn’t mad at him, that seems a bit unnecessary to add. At first, I was just joking about it, I even offered to help him learn the ropes, but it became clear after watching him for a while that he was pretty damn robust and knew what he was doing.

Now, my big question here is how sending people to go and fix this problem would be against my laws. I’ll try to briefly explain my reasoning.

Laws vs. Reasoning
  1. The crew is expensive to replace.

If a sizable portion of the crew is locked down in the Brig unable to do their job, they’re effectively removed from the shift and need to be replaced. If I can’t find any clear crimes in the records to support the officer and he’s not explaining to me why any of these people are in the brig, I have to conclude he doesn’t have a good reason. Another player further confirmed the random nature of the arrests to me later in deadchat but if there’s more to the story, I’d be glad to hear it.

  1. The station and its equipment are expensive to replace.

I saw people who were in the process of breaking in to rescue more of the “arrested” crew from the brig, and I agreed with their reasoning for doing so as per Law 1, therefore I allowed them in to prevent further damage to the station. If had done nothing, the windows and doors would probably have been destroyed.

It seemed like I had two options:

  • Do nothing, allowing a quickly growing number of people to be locked in a poorly staffed Brig, probably forever and possibly leading to a full-scale riot later in the round.
  • Intervene, risking the arrests of more people in an attempt to retrieve lost crew and stop the continued loss. (Officer was luckily staying non-lethal so it seemed safe to try to get him apprehended.)

I’ve already read this here:

  1. Corporate silicons… should strive to keep all crew members alive (and working) and the station in working order, corporate silicons should act in a way that reduces the number of crew casualties if (and only if) no other options are available. Willingly killing players, deconstructing equipment, or bolting open airlocks is not in line with this lawset.

While I see how you could interpret that last line unfavorably, the doors were only intended to be opened for a short time to allow egress of the trapped crew and their rescuers. When it didn’t work, I left them open so people could escape before being perma-brigged. This is a 3-day so it’s probably going to be denied, but I’m mostly posting this to get some guidance as to what I should do if this situation comes up again. It seemed wrong to sit on my hands with Law 1 staring me dead in the eye, so some help would be appreciated here.

P.S. Yes, I probably should’ve Ahelp/grief patrolled the officer. However, I’ve been told that creating lots of grief patrols or Ahelps can lead to a ban itself so I’ve been hesitant to do so for a while; only reserving this for repeat offenders.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m not the best at keeping things concise, hoping I did a half-decent job this time around. Please feel free to ask questions, I promise to keep the responses very short.

EDIT: Figured out how to use “Hide details.” Simplifying.

I can’t appeal the ban and won’t be handling this but I want to clarify:

This is wrong. If someone is breaking the rules you should always ahelp. The only reason it would lead to a ban is if you are constantly misusing ahelps or if your ahelp has been handled already and you keep opening up tickets over the same issue etc (usually to try to argue with a ruling etc)

Thanks for clearing that up, I’ve seen in several rounds people discussing whether a problem should be ahelped and it gets discouraged using that line of reasoning. I’ll make sure to report things like this as soon as I see them happen.

Also, this probably doesn’t help my case, but I got curious who would have grief patrolled me for this since everyone seemed to approve of my attempts to break people out of the brig at post-round. Now I COULD be wrong here but:


Not even 24h later this person makes it 100% clear what their intentions were. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the round I’m doing my best to undo the damage caused by griefing sec - I get GP’d by someone who conveniently forgets his name and goes mask-off after being caught doing the same thing over several rounds.

Does that make what I did acceptable? Maybe not.
But if this was the guy that I went “:warning:You have alerted the horde” on…

I’ll take the 3 days as a badge of honor. Absolutely worth.

Given that this security player was later perma banned following similar behavior across several rounds (amongst other things), I agree that your actions were appropriate.

That being said, please make sure to ahelp; even if staff aren’t online, it sends us a copy in Discord via TGS, and it leaves a record of what was going on in the round if a grief patrol is filed after the fact. The only time people are banned following an ahelp is when they are abusing the system and have been warned to stop. This is appealed. You can roll silicon roles starting next round.