567Turtle ban appeal 2: the electric boogaloo

  1. Byond Account:
  2. Character Name(s):
    Frank Matthews
  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
  4. Round ID of Ban:
  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
    escalation 1.2 and core 2 self antag. tried to gib a soule body in the kitchen back room as a non antag cook and fought anybody who tried to stop them. already has a 3 day for self antag so this is being moved up a progression. you may appeal on the forums and explain yourself if you would like.
  6. State your appeal:
    Today has been kind of shit for me, one of my PRs which I put a lot of time into was closed for a pretty lame reason, so I decided I’d go and play some chef on fulp to unwind, which was a fools decision, chef is a very stressful job. Already being incredibly annoyed and just generally bitter when somebody who had been messing with me the entire round through various forms of robbery and minor assault
    came up to the kitchen and fire bombed it, destroying an hour and a halves worth of cooking and blowing off one of my arms. I saw red, all you need is one very bad chain of events to drive even the calmest of people to mayhem, having to deal with oranges and now this really just pushed me over the edge. I made it my goal to get revenge on the lizard for what they’ve done to me, thinking frontier justice as better then reporting it to the admins as I should’ve. I never did lay a finger on anybody besides my target, the fire-bomber, and eventually I was successful, dragging their corpse into the backroom, before I gave up due to the mob of people attempting to stop me, letting the corpse be taken away.

I was a borderline villain this round, and the title of self antaging could be seen as an understatement. My no good very bad day had drove me to the brink, I ask not for this ban to be revoked, just shortened to maybe 3 days or so, I need time to cool down, but I believe 7 days to be a bit long. I know I had recently been banned for self antaging, and with the time until this ban ends I will be doing some reflecting on self control and when I come back I hope to no longer have to post on this topic, anybody who bothered to read this much, I thank you and I’m sorry, I can’t help myself with typing all this, it’s a bad habit of mine.

tl;dr: had a bad day, got on fulp, got bombed, hour and a half shifts work ruined, saw red, hunted and killed the guy who ruined aforementioned work, would like a shorter ban to cool down.

Agreed, and our ban progression says that that time is 7 days. You don’t get to ask for a reduction of a very valid ban because you feel like it should be shorter. We have a set schedule for bans, and repeatedly breaking the same rule warrants an increase. Having a bad day does not excuse ruining the round for others, and it especially does not warrant the embarrassment of an argument you got into with Oranges on that PR.

The Fulp staff have worked to repair our relationship with /tg/, and your comments toward Oranges reflect poorly on not only you personally but on our community as a whole. /tg/ is our upstream, and their maintainers have gone out of their way to help us fix our code on multiple occasions with no recompense other than our thanks. If you are going to have such a wildly inappropriate response to a PR being closed, we would rather you not bother contributing at all - either on Fulp or as a representative of us on /tg/. Working hard on a PR does not mean anyone has any obligation to merge it, and whining and guilt-tripping people over closing your PR (and trying to use this as an excuse for grief) is the epitome of entitlement and is something that no ss13 community that I know of is going to tolerate for long.

The next ban you get for this will be 2 weeks, so I suggest you figure out how to calm down between now and when this ban expires. This is denied.