7loo9 Perma-ban appeal

Byond Account: 7loo9
Character Name(s): Sal Xiao 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Sal#8705
Round ID of Ban: 24444

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Excuse my English! I would like to simply state the misunderstanding here. As mentioned that I told another player to kill me and not take me to the medbay. I am simply playing an Ethereal character and just because i don’t get a brain trauma by killing myself doesn’t mean I’m exploiting a bug. My point is even if it is not bugged i would do the same. I am being punished for playing a character that has a bug with not getting a brain trauma after reviving using the ethereal crystal. I did not create that bug and i am not exploiting it. I would do the same thing even if its not bugged anyways.

I did not fight back during the conversation. I clearly understand that reviving using ethereal crystal does not give me a brain trauma. But that doesn’t means I get banned for using a passive trait! The admin could simply ask me to switch character if he feels that Ethereal is broken but banning me for using a character that has a broken trait is not something within my hand. I never thought dying would get me banned.

Just noting : That I do not intentionally mean to exploit bugs. I do enjoy playing fulp a lot and you can see that I have over 300+ hours in here. But i did no expect a permanent ban for using ethereal crystal. it kind of hit me hard

It’s pretty clear you were
A- knowingly abusing an exploit
B- encouraging others to knowingly abuse an exploit

This is denied. You can re-appeal in 6 months.