8/8 config changes feedback thread

Run speed 1 -> 1.2
Walk Speed 4 -> 3.5
Soft pop cap 100 (will give you a disclaimer once you try to join when server has more than 100, not an actual cap)
Auto kick AFK players beyond 10 minutes
Discuss and provide feedback below

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I rate 8/8

very nice

Bzzz Bzz :smiley:

when are we gonna have to pay a monthly subscription to play Fulp, I’ve been waiting.

You can always give me money ;)

The speed changes feel like a long time coming; I’ve heard a lot of folks complaining about “fulp speed” being fast enough to outrun just about everything and that it impaired player’s ability to have a conversation IC. That being said, I haven’t really noticed much of a difference with the run speed, but the walk speed is a lot less painful. Are the pop warnings and autokick already in place? If so, I haven’t experienced either despite joining when the pop was 120 and being AFK for way longer than that. Are staff immune?

It would make sense for staff to be immune, and personally I have been kicked when AFK for 10 minutes, so it does work (for mentors and below, at least)

yes, staff are immune to soft pop cap and afk kicking

Now that we’ve played with these settings on for a few days, I’ve realized just how much of a difference movement speed is. Chasing people and fighting megafauna seems extremely slow, and I really feel like at times I’m just on walking speed and anyone can just walk up to me.

While dilation did lower, I’m not entirely sure if it’s from the movement speed itself (though I love how walking is faster so it’s an actual option to not be a complete turtle), but the soft cap and autokicking is great.

I’m also thinking if there’s a way to make people unable to latejoin in the first 2 starting minutes of a round, because many people will just not ready up and all join at once while the game is still starting, which often leads to a mini fulp moment where the game freezes for ~15 or so seconds and everyone has to reconnect (which earlier today caused a rev round to end seconds in since it disconnected all the headrevs)

the run speed is too low, even if it was changed by .2

I don’t think adding code to do something that addresses a symptom of a bug is something we should do. We’re still investigating this issue so if its something we can fix we will do so.