A Apology to Horatio22 and Guillaume_Prata [Not a ban appeal]

I wanted to apologize for my behavior in both the game and discord, I don’t know why I was acting this way, July was just a really weird month for me I have been acting out that whole month and never really understood why I was doing it, nonetheless doesn’t excuse the behavior, i just hope we can get on good terms for when I appeal my ban in 5 months.


Following our forum rules by not commenting on ban appeals unless you are the banning mod or the admin handling it would be a good place to start if you want your appeal eventually accepted.


I will be blunt, you are banned from most SS13 servers and this shows a pattern that I don’t think will change in 5 months.

I wouldn’t even bother.

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as i said in the title this is directed as a apology to both of you, it has nothing to do with being unbanned, the ban was justified