A changeling goes on a rampage, decapitating left and right

Byond Account: SimplySmiley
Character Name(s): Kashik-Dum
Discord Name: SimplySmiley
Round ID: 19834
Date: 18.04.22
Griefer IC name: Axle Brady
Griefer Byond account (if known): I don’t know his account on Byond

What happened:
During the round Axle Brady as a Changeling went on a murderbone spree with arm-blade, EMP screech and cryosting (then later with a power creppe), killing everyone opposing or already dead and decapitating them (from what I was told he decapitated random civilians and people who were already dead / dying near medical) to then hide all the heads in out of reach areas, effectively permamently removing everyone but the target which was a perma prisoner (effectively going against the acceptable permament killings).

He didn’t bother checking for his target up until right before shuttle arrived and departed.

The griefers byond name is SinfulBliss

I was Axle Brady. I was very careful not to kill anyone who was not already pursuing me or who tried to kill me. I didn’t debrain, cremate, or gib anybody and I had no interest killing people who were minding their own business obviously. I have the round recorded so if you are wondering about any specific kills, I can clip them and show you that the person attacked me first, or was one of the people who tried to RR me.

My objective was to steal the captain’s jetpack, so I broke into the cap office and took it. The HoP came at me, and later the HoS. I armbladed both of them and left them in the cap office, then left. The AI knew they were there and was calling out their body’s location on comms. Once I was confirmed to be bad some civilians decided to hunt me down, but I didn’t attack civilians without being attacked prior by them.

My target was a perma prisoner which meant I needed to get through brig to look for them. This took a while especially since I was being hunted. I also EMP’d in brig which disabled the Selene perma teleporter for a while. Eventually I managed to get down there, but my guy wasn’t there. It was just a husked body (not my doing) and another dead perma guy.

Here is a clip of the bar fight, where I was killed by you and a few other civilians that joined in. After I revived I regrouped, and it was on sight when I saw them again.

Aside from these civilians I don’t think I killed any others, but if I did give me the name and I can get a clip of that as well. Killing people who tried to RR me and were chopping at my corpse with a sabre and fireaxe isn’t a “murderbone spree,” if they hadn’t gotten involved I wouldn’t have harmed them.

This was already handled in-round, closing this.