A clown enters the bar

Byond Account: DaddyIssues
Character Name(s): The honk in me
Discord Name: DaddyIssues
Round ID: 12659
Griefer Byond account: i dont know
Griefer Byond name: Don Beveridge and miguel
What happened:

So I was a clown and i enter the bar, I saw that the floor was a little dirty, so I throw a cleaning grenade in the floor, grenades do the thing and then one of the bartenders start to shoot me with a disabler, i don’t resist, then they start punching me, throw me in the table, more punching, a bottle in the head, they drag me to the bar storage, one of they say “lets give him beer until dies”, more punching, forced drinking in this point i was in crit and dying pretty fast. I did ahelp, but the round ended like 30 seconds after the ahelp so admin cant do much.

This has been taken care of.