A CMO's Guide to Life and Death (WIP)

A CMO’s Guide

By: CMO Koepple

[Chief Medical Officer] on deck. Welcome aboard Space Station (13). Congratulations on your promotion! We are connecting you to a senior member of our staff here at Central Command, please hold.
“…” Hi! My name is Lyla Koepple, I was once a CMO aboard Space Station 13 before my promotion to [REDACTED] aboard [REDACTED]. I have been assigned to help you adjust to your new managerial role in medbay. We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started!

“We’ll start with a brief reminder of each Sub-Department, keep in mind that although it is not a requirement to have basic knowledge in each of them, it is highly recommended.”

“One last thing before we get started.”


"Now we can begin"

The Sub-Departments

"Medbay is made up of various sub-departments that make up its entirety. These Include:


Welcome to Chemistry! These chemists can whip up all sorts of medications that range from incredibly useful to virtually useless.


Welcome to Virology! Our virologists are able to manipulate the nature of diseases and turn them to our benefit, or quite possibly to our detriment.


Welcome to Surgery! This is where the majority of your staff will be working, and also who your patients will ultimately be interacting with.

Easy enough to remember right? Your job is to make sure that these departments are coordinating effectively, and also coordinate with other departments so that everyone has everything they need."

Welcome Aboard Space Station 13

“Wait, you boarded the station already?!?! OK, I need to hurry this up”
“Always remember that communication is key, turn the loud mode on your headset by [static, alt clicking it, static.”

“Feel free to greet your staff! It’s a good way for them to know that there is currently a CMO on shift, and it helps reinforce your authority for when it matters later”
“Now that you’ve reached your office, we’re going to need some essentials. Central Command has given you a few gifts”

  • A MedHud Autosurgeon: Upon use will install an internal MedHud unit, removing the need for external eyewear
  • An Advanced Health Analyser: The upgraded form of the standard issue Health Analyser, able to detect specific brain traumas
  • The Hypospray is an advanced form of needle, capable of instantly injecting its contents into the bloodstream of the patient. [THIS DEVICE IS HIGHLY DESIRED BY [REDACTED] PLEASE REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY INVOLVING THIS DEVICE]
  • And lastly a vast wardrobe has been provided to you, feel free to stylize. Don’t forget the cape!

"Now that you’re equipped, feel free to inspect your sub-departments. Make sure to check on virology, as they are quite literally one of the most isolated people on the entire station.

to be continued i must sleep lol


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do u know brain surgery irl time sensitive question

Come back tomorrow when you can control your mouth.

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