A doctor named Hal Korbid griefing in surgery

Somebody named Hal Korbid i asked for him to fix my right arm i went to the surgery room then another guy requests for surgery he puts a muzzle on me locks me in a closet then about a half hour later hes done and guess what he puts a cable restraint on me then he enabled a aneastic tank then he removes ALL OF MY LIMBS then he talked to the clown outside then he came back with no limbs and then gets killed by somebody. note: he did not even do the surgery i asked him to do and other players have been having the same problem with this guy please do someting

If you do not follow the grief patrol template stickied here Grief Patrol Template or at the very least include the date and round ID of the round in question, we aren’t going to be able to look into this, and I’ll be closing it

Hey, I was the guy who killed the doctor, he was my traitor target. The round was today, it started at 11:31AM MT. I don’t have the round ID, but its probably possible to work out the round ID from that Info.

I’m closing this. There just isn’t enough to go on, and I don’t even have the ckey of the OP. We’re not going to bother sifting through random log files to try to find the correct one, and even then since I don’t know the OP’s ckey there’s not much I can verify one way or another.

Closing this.