A few small ideas i was encouraged to post on here

i have some ideas i’ll post here since the discord encouraged me to do so, i will explain why i think they will be good for the game.

  1. allow ghosts to orbit random critter mobs (more harmless things like cows, chickens, cats, dogs, mothroach, etc) but not exotic creatures (head pets, dangerous fauna like xeno mobs, anything that can deal attacks etc) to gain control over them they will only be able to speak in their animals basic speech but with a sentience potion will be able to become intelligent enough to speak common.

this would be good for the game to give a way to inject entertainment into a round without interfering to much with ongoing rounds, xenobiology will still be the kings of making annoying animal mobs

  1. Greenshift should come with the natural trait of much higher event frequency to keep the round from being stale, so instead of antagonists they will have random events to deal with without causing to much chaos, obviously dont increase the rate of events such as large meteors or pyro/vortex anomalies.

this would be good for greenshift rounds over all focusing more on players chilling out without totally removing station happenings, more events would go a long way to making the rounds feel less dragged out.

  1. add a small cast time of about 7-10 seconds to inserting a positronic brain into a mech or borg so that the player who controls it can get a chance to speak and make possible requests, likewise add an ecto sniffer to xenobiology to allow ghosts to request possible sentience.

these 2 would go good for the place of ghost soles since they will allow ghosts to hint at what they want to be (in the case of sniffers, a cube/mob) and allowing the cube a chance to speak allows said player to request if they can be a mech or ai core giving the robotics more options (or at least deny the cube its request) and with a “cast time” would allow a robotics a chance to change their mind if its obvious the cube wants to not play as a borg/mech/ai so gives it a chance to ghost while still in cube form rather than regretting activating the core/borg and needing to disassemble it


As a xenobio main, i would love a sniffer in the lab. Many a times i had a legion of creatures, and had no ghosts to control them.

exactly! with a sniffer you could casually leave 2 potions on the table, not activate any slimes and if they ping at you, you can make them bodies!

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I always have great plans but whenever im antag the ghosts are not cooperative. I want my own glockroach kill team!