A Guide of Do's and Don'ts While Playing Security on Fulp Station

This is an early draft and work-in-progress of a guide that I fully intend to write much more in. It has the goal of both improving the efficiency of the Security department and hopefully decreasing the number of rounds that have short staffed Security. Obviously I’m naive to think I’ll make much difference, but I’d like to try. It’s my opinion that a round with little or no Sec is as boring as a round with little or no antags.

Without further ado here is the guide link

Any feedback or insight from more experienced players is highly appreciated.


I look forward to seeing this guide develop, good sec officers and departments can make fantastic rounds all the better.

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Been super busy this week with responsibilities, but tonight I have updated the guide and started an “Antagonist Strategies” section that gives advice on how Sec should handle different antagonist types.

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