A Guide of Do's and Don'ts While Playing Security on Fulp Station

This is an early draft and work-in-progress of a guide that I fully intend to write much more in. It has the goal of both improving the efficiency of the Security department and hopefully decreasing the number of rounds that have short staffed Security. Obviously I’m naive to think I’ll make much difference, but I’d like to try. It’s my opinion that a round with little or no Sec is as boring as a round with little or no antags.

Without further ado here is the guide link

Any feedback or insight from more experienced players is highly appreciated.


I look forward to seeing this guide develop, good sec officers and departments can make fantastic rounds all the better.

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Been super busy this week with responsibilities, but tonight I have updated the guide and started an “Antagonist Strategies” section that gives advice on how Sec should handle different antagonist types.

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Nice guide, you could also add recommended armor types for specific threats, i see you’ve already listed riot for cult.

Best in slot for
Lings, revs, cult = Riot
Nukies = Bulletproof
Everything else= Normal vest will do

Should also mention that speed is everything to being a seccie (and being robust overall), you really shouldn’t be that guy with duffelbag in sec, or wear hardsuits when it’s not necessary.

As for ling strategies, for me the most obvious give away is mismatched clothes/radios/box contents.
For example janitor with work boots, confirmed ling lawyer and you see an engineer with law & justice headset, a shift start medical doctor, but he has yellow oxygen tank in his bag.
Those are the little things and cues you can pick up as a sec during bag search.


Nice guide.

Would like to input some blob strategies though.

-As soon as a blob is announced you should be combing through the station searching for it.(Have at least one officer search each significant area.)This is because the more resources a blob produces the more they can expand and attack.The more time they have to build resource nodes the harder your fight will be.

-Once blob has been confirmed the HOS/Warden should supply officers with relavent gear.(I find hardsuits work the best but riot suits arn’t bad either+Laser and energy guns.)

-Coordinate crew and sillicone to aid in the blob.As Security if you are not directly fighting the blob you should be maintaining coordination.

Get doctors on standby to heal and revive casualties.

Have a engineer/s build emmiters if blob is exposed to space.

Science is pretty useless most of the time but if robotics has mech tech have them build a combat mech(they are extremely powerful).Science can also build weapon rechargers but your better off stealing all the ones in sec.

Have cargo order guns.(If they have a lot of money order auto rifles,if not order lasers.) Lasers are easier to maintain indefinitely while assault rifles are more powerful.

Have AI/Borgs make the area your fighting as accesible as possible.The easier people can get in the better.

-Take notice of the blobs type.Some give out toxins when damaged,others fire.Taking notice of a blobs type and making sure you and colleagues can counter it can be crucial.

-There should be two key figures more important than everyone else in the blob fight.That being the HOS(Who should be maintaining and coordinating the frontline) and the captain (who should be maintaining the resource line IE medical,cargo,engi. Science is kinda a lone wolf type) If you see the captain at the frontline,tell him to leave.He may be tempted to use his personal laser gun but it’s far safer to leave it in the hands of the HOS instead. Captain should not be fighting front line but maintaining backline/resource line.

-Make sure the crew actually know about the blob.Many a round blob wins cause crew just kinda ignore it.Make sure the crew know about it and are actively helping.

And never use explosives.they are the worst.

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