A ling going on a murder spree making an ambush from bodies

Byond Account: Mazen421

Character Name(s): Maz Ah

Discord Name: @Ayaya!#2333

Round ID: 11736

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Unknown

What happened:
I was playing a paramedic, this shift was really hectic from HoP leaving the captain get looted in medical to Jeffrey Magor doing nothing all shift other than raid vending machines and throw up everywhere (not doing their job as stated by the rules but no admin was online to help)

But that is beyond the point, I decided to try be a hero and do something everyone forgot about securing the nuke disk, I found the nuke disk using the captain’s pinpointer (he was already looted i grabbed the bag and got it from it) and secured it with me and was going to the brig to hand it to HoS, where i found about 10 people dead 2 borgs and a dragon and no one alive on my medical hud, I said “bloody hell” but i noticed an attack sound and i look in the chat log to find myself getting attacked i try to move and here comes a ling out of the dead bodies with his arm blade slicing me for no reason, i wasn’t a target and sure most of the people there weren’t either but he made an ambush hiding behind the bodies and killing anyone that comes in without them seeing

No reason, no talking nothing just attacked me from behind a body and when i moved came out of the pile

there was a ling that said in hivemind chat he needed disk so maybe it is a bit of valid hunting you going to look for it as a paramedic no?

I didn’t tell anyone I was going to look for the disk so no one was informed, and no one was around when I took the pinpointer, and no one knew because I didn’t say over comms I had it, and I assume they didn’t have the other pinpointer because if they did get it somehow they would of easily got the disk because it was in a box in maintenance Captain probably dropped it there

You was valid to be killed because you was securing a steal objective the ling had which was preventing him from furthering his objectives and greentexting.

No one knew I had the disk, no one, and what about the people before and after me who didn’t have disks?

I was a ling this round and a ling was in ling comms more or less bragging about how many people they killed, likely the same one as this one. Even if you assume it somehow knew Maz Ah was looking for the disk still doesn’t justify every other kill it did.

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Exactly, lings from what I learned has two targets, their objectives and any witnesses

technically if one in the pile was a target he was allowed to because “witness”, at least until it’s considered murderboning, which if there’s that many bodies, it certainly is murderbone

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It’s clear he did murderbone, but just wanted to point out how the HoS has a spare disk pinpointer.

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There were about 10 bodies and 2 Borg, give or take because didn’t get a Chance to count really.

Yeah I know that but the HoS was alive on the crew monitor at that point, not sure if it was a ling disguised as them or not, also I want to point out the disk was in the maints for about 10 minutes from the captain’s death, once I gave up waiting for any security member to come get the captain’s stuff once he got looted I decided to go, so that was a big window for anyone with the pinpointer to go get it, there was even a ling in medical who came and left without taking the pinpointer (was a nice lady, gave me an arm blade and took it away later)

This has been taken care of.