A quick course on bomb defusal

Hanging around in your department and you hear that cursed beeping from maintenance? Cargo took on the bomb defusal shuttle without knowing how to bomb defuse? No need to worry, you will learn what you need to know to get that free bomb core!

Needed tools

  • screwdriver: it is used to expose the wires of the bomb.

  • multitool: use it to pulse the wires before cutting them, I will explain on what each result does.

  • wire cutters: use it to cut/mend the wires after hopefully pulsing them, luck only gets you so far

  • crowbar: use it to harvest that sweet bomb core after you defused the bomb.

  • bomb suit: wearing the entire suit will not stop the bomb from killing you if you fail or are too slow but it will stop it from gibbing you. It’s generally recommended to wear it.

A bomb has been reported!

Time to gather your equipment and rush to the site, always assume that the bomb has been set to detonate after 90 seconds, the lowest timer, and that it took 10-20 seconds for it to be noticed. Once there try to get everyone to evacuate the area, you never know if you can defuse it on time and bystanders will be turned into gibs if something bad happens.

And now defusal

  1. Put the bomb suit on and have all the items easily accessible, either in a toolbelt or your backpack

  2. Use a screwdriver to expose the wires

  3. a. If you have a multitool available start pulsing wires, you will get the following possible responses, otherwise skip to 3b.

  • The bomb chirps: You now have extra time.
  • The bomb buzzes ominously: You have lost time, cutting this wire will detonate the bomb!
  • The bolts spin in place for a moment: If you cut this wire the bomb will unanchored.
  • The bomb seems to hesitate for a moment: This is the defusal wire, cut it!
  • "An alarm sounds! It’s go-: ^)
  1. b. You don’t have a multitool? You can still defuse it with wire cutters alone, but the risk is much greater, cutting the wires will do the following:
  • An alarm sounds! It’s go-: : ^), your odds of getting this as your first wire are 40% and the more you cut the higher the likelihood to bump into it.
  • [No message]: If you mend this wire you can pulse it for extra time, but if pulsing was an option you probably wouldn’t be cutting wires blindly
  • The bolts lift out of the ground: The bomb is unanchored; your safest bet is taking it to an airlock and spacing it or asking a borgo to do it.
  • The timer stops! The bomb has been defused! Congratulations, you gambled and won. The bomb will not explode until you reset the wires (cut and mend all) so feel free to toy with it or go to step 4.
  1. After defusing it cut all wires and use a crowbar to get that bomb core. Cargo won’t be able to sell it but you can either hand it to security for safe storage or whoever you feel like, though giving crew powerful explosives as a non-antagonist is a good way to get in trouble.

Using this knowledge for traitoring!

The crew aren’t the only ones who can tamper with it, you can mess with your own bomb to give them a not so pleasant surprise. Since a bomb that has not been started can only be armed by pulsing the wire that starts the ticking you can safely test all wires for messages to learn what they do. If you start the bomb while pulsing it just cut the wires that activated it, that is the defusal wire.

Trick number 1: Pulsing the wire that triggers the ominous buzzing message allows you to shorten the fuse, this allows you to go around the minimum of 90 seconds for faster detonation.

Trick number 2: If you find a wire that does nothing while the bomb is not armed you just discovered the detonation wire, attach a remote signaler to pulse it from a distance once it’s armed!

Trick number 3: You can take the core out, put it in a training bomb, give it a timer and drag it around for a funny surprise. Note that doing so when you don’t have DAGD objectives or similar may get you in trouble.

I hope this guide will be able to help you reduce the number of deaths caused by untimely detonations and get those free $$$ from the bomb defusal shuttle at cargo. While the information should be up to date do let me know if I posted anything that is outdated, either now or in the future.


Grammar pls aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"An alarm sounds! It’s go: " is the message you get, grammar will be the least of your problems at that point

grammar has been improved, hopefully