A short station ban appeal

Byond Account: schmeaty
Character Name(s): Tabby Abby
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): F_YOCAT#8794
Round ID of Ban:27293

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (schmeaty) is banned from playing here, The ban reason is: Round 27293 reason sexual content. When talking to a group of players one of them was saying the other sent them to jail you said “ik shes pretty but jeez” the player youre talking to tries to make the situation less weird by saying they reproduce through mitosis so you tell them to go to dorms. when i warned you to just cool it you chose fighting the point is better then just taking the l and wait to revive. When players complain theyre uncomfortable with a comment we take that seriously. then mid-ticket started complaining in dead this towed the line of erp tones so its time to chill this ban (BanID #38844) was applied by sliggist on 2023-07-30 22:36:53 during round ID 27293. The ban is for 3 days and expres on 2023-08-02 22:36:53 (server time)
State your appeal: This ban appeal is taking what i said out of context and doesn’t show everything i had said. I saw two players harassing a person putting them in a corner and keeping them pushed down . i helped that player and noticed they were begging the two others to leave them alone. I told the other players to stay away from them multiple times. They kept harassing another player all shift so when sec came i reported it to the sec guard for harassment. the other player who was harrassed even mentioned to the sec guard how and the player said “they put their hands on me” to which i told the guard that they pushed her down and i pointed to the 2 i saw that did it and told sec what happened, that’s what she meant by having hands all over her. She was clearly not having fun and didn’t like it. the sec took one player away to jail and after the jail time the guy came back to harass her again. they literally victim blamed her for them being locked up and i no way should they be victim blaming they were messing with her and blamed her for it. i asked him why he was so obssessed with the player. i told them over 3 times to stay away from her. all i said was to chill and leave her alone i know she’s pretty but jeez. and then the other player starts to go into how he reproduces through asexuality and even said how past generation has done it (which is super weird) so i told him to go do that in dorms then. Me saying that is telling him to leave again but not being aggressive or hateful. If he wants to tell people how he reproduces and how it’s done so be it, just don’t do it infront of me. They can take that to dorms. There is an antag that is known for being obsessed so i kept asking him why he was obsessed. the other player was clearly not having fun and i thought it wasn’t right. I stick up for people who get bullied not erotic role play, i told them to stay away from that player so many times but in the ban appeal it only shows one part where i called the plant person pretty? i for one think plants are pretty. When the admin started messaging me they put my question. “why are you obssesed with her?” and said it had a sexual undertone. I was just trying to help another player but also uplift them as well to let them know they weren’t alone and that others can help. i never meant pretty or obsessed as a erotic role play. I understand you take how players feel very important but what about the player that was actually getting harrassed? she wasnt having fun and was being very vocal about it. so i mentioned she was at least pretty being a colorful plant. As a woman i try to uplift fellow woman and help them out if i see them get harrassed. Same as i would if i saw a guy getting harrassed. it was 2 guys against 1 and to me that wasn’t right. I’m all for playing a good joke like mess with a person once or twice is just meh as long as it doesn’t kill them. but when you repeatedly just target one single person and when you gang up on one person it isn’t fun. They bullied her and kept her down and i just dont think it was funny what they were doing. But i never meant anything sexual by calling another player pretty it’s literally something alot of us woman say to each other especially if we are feeling down or bullied. I just said something that would cheer me up if i was being bullied. I understand how maybe from a guys perspective it’s maybe weird but woman calling other woman pretty is not erotic role play or sexual at all. It’s just woman sticking up for woman. I’m very comfortable in my sexuality and i do not need to do erotic role play online at all like not at all. nor do i find myself attracted to pixels on the screen. Some might (no hate or shade to anyone) but i certainly do not. I’m not sure what exactly i said to get banned if it’s just for the fact i called another player pretty then i apologize i literally see other players use that word before all the time and i didn’t mean anything like erotic role play. In the previous round that same player said my character was pretty too. when we both turned into plant pods and they didn’t mean anything sexual. It was just a compliment to the another person who was getting bullied. If there is certain words we arent allowed to say to each other then please let me know. But i just really dont see how me calling another girl pretty is erotic role play? if you can just explain that to me i am fine with the ban. If thats your call then hey that’s your call. But woman call other woman pretty all the time and i never heard anyone take it as sexual or anything so i dont understand it? i would understand if i said something like “sexy” or “hot” then yeah that’s deff sexual but i just really dont understand why i cant tell another player they are pretty like i didnt say it in a sexual way. We didnt get in trouble for it last round when we both told each other the other was pretty when we became plants. we both literally just complimented each other there’s nothing sexual about it. i know i did not take it nor see anything sexual when they told me my character had a pretty color and they didn’t take it sexually when i told them they had a pretty one too. If i’m a shitter then my bad but in the ban note everything is out of context and anyone would sound bad out of context or when you just put the fact that i said “ik she’s pretty but jeez” yes that may sound bad but if you look before when i told those players to just leave them alone many times. i only said that wayy after. after the guy came back from jail after messing with the player. i am not a erotic role player. i dont think something is pretty in a sexual way i just literally meant it looks pretty that’s it. same way i look at a flower and say “that’s pretty” or if i look at good art I’ll say that’s pretty. but in no way was that meant as sexual.

The banning admin and I are both cis women. I won’t have full access to the logs until after this ban expires, so I won’t be handling this appeal, but this whole passage about uplifting other women and trying to explain female friendships to other women in the middle of a ban appeal is very strange and offputting. There is literally no way for the other character to know the player’s gender or expectations on that situation, and being called pretty by a stranger (who is, I assume, playing a meat man based in your IC name) is probably not welcome in that context. If the other person told an admin they did not feel comfortable, there’s a pretty damn good chance they did not feel uplifted or supported in that situation.

After reviewing the logs, I am removing the ban and deescalating it to a note on your account as a warning for the dorms comment. Such references are unwanted and do go against Core 3 even if it was in response to another user acting creepy. Nevertheless as it was the first and only time you were warned for Core 3 you should now be able to rejoin the server.