Abductor murder bone

Byond Account: Bilbo367
Character Name(s): Bilbo Wood
Discord Name: Bilbo367
Round ID: 22751
Date: 10/23/2022
Griefer IC name: Mother Tau Scientist
Griefer Byond account (if known): Jodashi

What happened:

As abductor I saw them killing a chemist (iirc). So I start draging their body away from the aductor to save them. Then the aductor threw a spear at me and killed me, and stole my axe to kill more people. After I died they went on to kill 2 or 3 more people anyone that was in medbay. Im pretty sure these people didnt do anything to agitate the abductor. So im not sure why they did it I think they a new player. Sliggist logged on but this all happend around round end and they were handling a lot of other ahelps.

Handled, Thanks :slight_smile: