ABlackCucumber ban appeal

Byond Account: ABlackCucumber
Character Name(s): Exark-Zaur
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Monke#8656
Round ID of Ban: 12847
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/808230522589413376/812726671715205150/Screenshot_20.png
State your appeal:
Firstly, I did get spawned in as sloth by the admin as he states, although that’s only half true. I was a sloth before because I respawned with the power of xenobiology but then when I was just straight up chilling my body just straight up disappeared, poof, gone for no reason at all and of course, I was dead. I then Ahelped and he was kind enough to respawn me because of the bug and I continued to roleplay as master Yoda in Sloth form.
Then later on the shuttle I was just chilling in the command part of the shuttle, talking to AI and having a good time when I noticed that a security officer in there was killing QM and I stepped in to help QM. But because I am a sloth the only thing I can really do is beat the security officer which I did, but to save a man’s life. No one else was stepping in to help so I had to save QM.
I didn’t realize sloths are super robust beings and do so much damage so I thought I was just damaging him a little and didn’t notice that he was in hard crit before it was too late.

I’d like to point out that (i don’t remember if it was just before or just after i got pm’d by the admin) I got gibbed out of nowhere, nothing in the chat popping up that I’m getting gib or anything like that. So if it wasn’t a player. Who could it have been? Maybe admin? Maybe spooky glitch? Who knows.

Denied. Attacking things as a spawn is not okay, unless you’re specifically told to do so. This is self antag and if you had only hit them to crit, it would be more fine but this was far past crit.