About blue space items

Please nerf them in some way specially the botany blue space items they make it insanely easy to break into places you’re not supposed to be in. I know there’s some luck to it but with enough blue space items you can basically get inside of anywhere.

I mean, yes but again, “with enough x items you can basically get inside anywhere” applies to many things frankly. If you’re determined to enter somewhere and you’re half-decently based, you can enter. Not getting caught or noticed, is another thing.

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Yeah blue space in particular makes it 1: easy to break into places without getting caught and 2: if you do get caught you can just blue space again to get to a safer position. Infact I managed to do this with blue space cores as a clown, I broke into the caps office sat around doing nothing until I decided to make a announcement on the captains comm console when the cap and sec came to capture me I teleported away (ok so I ended up in the ai upload room and the turrets stunned me regardless) but my point still stands blue space items are easy to get, extremely stealthy and most importantly instant