Adding Chemical Beacons

Wassup, Chickenjock (Isabel Carr) here. I’m suggesting we add Chemical Beacons and Chemical Recipients to Fulpstation.

I play a lot of chemist and I noticed that in base TG code (I confirmed this by playing on some base TG servers) there is a plumbing machine called the Chemical Beacon. Here’s a link to the wiki that explains the machine: Guide to plumbing - /tg/station 13 Wiki

I think this machine adds a lot of different potential uses to plumbing that are currently limited by floor space the necessity of ducts. Currently, it’s only really plausible to plumb chems in a large area and perhaps have a press in a nearby hallway. With the Chemical Beacon (and the accompanying Chemical Recipient), players would be able to easily send chems to many different departments, without having to find space INSIDE those departments to build synthesizers and whatnot.
Also there is obviously the difficulty of transporting chems and reagents from lavaland, a process this machine would make much less difficult.

That’s not to say it would be a simple thing for greytiders to abuse; the Beacon needs to be constructed from the plumbing RCD (which requires decent understanding to use), and the Recipient needs to be printed separately at the medlathe and constructed.
Along the same lines, I’ll note that the maximum strength explosion generated by sending different chems to one such Recipient is substantially weaker than a single grenade, and would also disable the Recipient, meaning that kind of abuse would be impractical and not particularly harmful.

Overall I think it would add a lot of fun and useful options to plumbing for chemists, as well as some quality of life improvements for long distance transportation of chems.
Also, the code already exists!

I’d love to hear thoughts and concerns.

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