Addition of the RussStation Monkeez Vendor

RussStation has a unique vendor type known as the monkeez vendor, selling monkey cubes, boxes of monkey cubes, bottles of water, and bananas while hacking it provides gorilla cubes and monkified mutators. I feel it would be an unobtrusive addition to science that would also in ways benefit the kitchen and medical as a backup in case they need a new monkey fast.

Currently monkey cube creation is one of the things that links together xenobiology with both kitchen and genetics. If geneticists can get all their monkey needs from a vendor, that is just one more reason nobody in xenobiology ever needs to interact with the station, and nobody outside xeno ever needs to interact with xeno.


Seconding this - monkey vendors limit inter-departmental interactions and enable monkey bombing. Also, hacking it to allow easy access to gorilla cubes is not going to work balance-wise. I can’t see anything like this being feasible on an MRP server.

has “russ” in its name

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