Admitting on discord to hijacking without hijack objective

Byond Account: Mentalcow
Character Name(s): Danny Boy
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Round ID: 17681
Date: 24/11/21
Griefer IC name: Jonathon Gupta, possibly peacekeeper cyborg-554, Sussy Bot and Shawn Mens Brain In A Jar
Griefer Byond account (if known):BallastMonsterGnarGnar

What happened: admitted on discord to murderboning and hijacking the shuttle just cause his emagged borgs asked him to (peacekeeper cyborg-554, Sussy Bot and the ai Shawn Mens Brain In A Jar(subverted)), didn’t have hijack objective. (also wasn’t apart of this round, but someone complained about it on discord and refused to grief patrol, so im doing it for them (i hate the british))
edit 1: forgot Ckeys existed
edit 2: forgot silicons existed

Dealt with, thank you for making a patrol (even if staff were online at the time :/)