After syndie ops war on shuttle, meatman gets executed for having syndie ID

Byond Account: Tenebris1
Character Name(s): -
Discord Name: -
Round ID: 20088
Date: 4/5/22
Griefer IC name: Cory Curry
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: This might just be common stuff, as I might be wrong on something, and please correct me if so. So, while on the shuttle, after nukie thingy happened (Dont know if it was war or not, I latejoined and died, then saw this happen), the Hos wanted to early depart, so he went to some meatman with an ID that looks like captain one, so he dragged the meatman into the shuttle console and told him to authorize, to what the meatman refused to do, saying that no man should be left behind, he got handcuffed and they took their ID to try and depart themselves, it resulted that the ID was a syndicate one and they couldnt depart, so they just bucklecuffed him, they accused him of being a syndie(I got confused, they first said it was a joke but then the next thing happened) and then the HoS and the HoP shoot him dead. I do not remember the name of the meatman. I believe they where not a syndicate.

This was looked into. Thanks for the report.