Ahha security not following procedure

Byond Account: Donman12
Character Name(s): Dwight Walker
Discord Name: Donk
Round ID: 15705
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Alyessa Ray Avia Veris
What happened: I had walked up to brig with a toy foam shotgun donk thing and started making the reload sound while trying to shoot, this guy sec angry and they then arrest me before the hos starts talking crazy and beats me to hard crit, I decide to death gasp when Alyessa Ray the brig physycian revives me. Avia Veris the security officer instead of brigging me deducting the time I had died keeps me cuffed until shuttle arrives, I had been arrested by them for 8 minutes when Alyessa Ray the brig phys decides to keep spraying me and beating the shit out of me non-stop.

While according to the logs you did have quite the conflict with the janitors that does not justify how security treated you.

I did also leave a note on the HoS that beat you to crit while dragging you around security. Otherwise this has been handled!