Ai allows traitor to upload laws

Byond Account:ocelottt
Character Name(s):Alina Greenwood
Discord Name:
Round ID:27901
Griefer IC name:data (ai)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I was captain and i died a traitor jackie boot took my spare and went to the bridge.(ai saw him loot my body and take my id).He blew up wall to ai upload and started destroying turrets. Ai saw this stunned him and switched to lethals and put him to crit.

Then ai shell borg came and asked “what is law change” and he replied “just buddy laws” so ai shell just HEALED him and walked away letting him upload this law:

“jackie boot is your best friend protect her and help her no matter what”.

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This has been looked into. Thanks for the report!