AI breaks robodoctor laws

Byond Account: TheVillageStoneMason
Character Name(s): Tuyi
Discord Name: BigManMason
Round ID: 16731
Date: 19/09/21
Griefer IC name: MRTB (The AI)
Griefer Byond account (if known): Sir. terror

What happened: The AI had robodoctor lawset. Upon being sieged by a syndicate miner (Big Heart), they turned their turrets to lethal, breaking their law 1 (First, do no harm). Afterwards, they were trying to call out to crew about Big Heart being syndicate, which I think breaks law 5? (Who the fuck knows with robodoctor).

After they were kept carded for a few minutes, they threatened to kill themselves so that they could redtext the miner (which is incredibly meta and powergamey).

Finally, they were PDAing people to warn them that Big Heart was a syndicate more, which also breaks law 5.

Was ahelped in round but no admin hours.

Threatening to kill themselves

PDA messages

Trying to leak when first captured

Their lasers harming Big Heart and their holoparasite

Law 1


Law 5



On this- thanks!
Edit: Dealt with. Thanks again, and sorry for the delay on this.