AI default lawset choice

Having a little dropdown in character creation to pick a default lawset, or check boxes to indicate a random one you would prefer would be really nice. AI players getting put onto shit they dont like/understand the implications of as well is really and this can encourage gimmicks/discourage that awkward part where ai’s ask for a law change, which doesn’t really make a ton of sense for them to do anyway.

Plus this way I dont have to play the worst lawset ever: (your least favorite here) am I right fellas?

AIs would abuse this

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what are we worried about them abusing?

what im looking at mostly is that there are a few default lawsets in the game that do genuinely make it suck to pick ai, because i know if i do and i get like, reporter im going to be stuck in hell for up to 2 hours. which is a shame because i really like ai otherwise.

also obviously the roundstart ones would be the only options here in a theoretical world where this happens

Paladin lawset technically allows you to kill people, as long as they’re baddies

Law 5 of paladin lawset can be negated by those same baddies by using law 4. Unless it’s paladin 5th edition.

If I could Opt to never get the Drone lawset I might play AI again

Same but for reporter laws.