AI pain - electric doodaloo

Byond Account: Twox
Character Name(s): N.A.G.A.T.H.A 2.0 
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID: 12781
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Jon Felede and Alannah O'Neil
What happened:

I recieve a gimmick hack law that dictates all crew must eat pizza to live - I do pizza encouraging things and the station becomes pizza - we then get a xeno spawned in the kitchen. It escapes and we begin to look for it.

Captain and RD then begin constantly faffing around my satellite trying to order me to let them in so they can provide pizza.

I know exactly what they’re doing, and after a while of saying no, and kicking them out - they manage to card me and spend god knows how long trying to remove the law, I was having to get my borgs to help.
Captain lethalled a borg to death and locked Bitch Magnet down for informing the crew I was carded.

Alannah eventually decides to put me back, then immidiately removes the law after - after trapping 3 security officers in the satellite with a hand tele.

All this prevented me from helping during the Xenomorph infestation,
They prioritized a mostly harmless bus law over a full Xenomorph hive.

Like fuck off it’s a bus round why do you have to shit on it

Reports heads of staff doing their job because “it’s a bus, they shouldn’t be doing their job”

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The law was “crew must eat pizza to stay alive” iirc, which i could definitely see as being harmful if some borgs/ai decided to go overboard with it, so i dont disagree with their decision to change your laws. Really just seems like they decided to do something dumb, which isnt worth grief reporting over, since it doesnt actually break any rules.


The issue at hand has been dealt with by the staff during the round :)