Aimbot use, caught live on camera

Byond Account: Thedragmeme
Character Name(s): N/A
Discord Name: Drag#6651
Round ID: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Griefer IC name: Unknown
Griefer Byond account (if known): pieguy223
What happened:

Hello, I am an admin from TG station. Our team has reviewed this video ([SS13] Rare Nightmare W - YouTube) due to ban evasion concerns regarding this player. We have determined they are not (to our knowledge) evading on TG, but we have narrowed their aimbotting activity to flup with about 90% certainty. You are welcome to approach TGs admin team on discord or myself on discord.


If in the event the linked video is deleted I have it saved on my computer, please let me know if you need the backup copy.

hey we really appreciate the heads up and the passing on of info to other servers! mad respect man. fortunately this guy has been permaed for a few months now so they are already gone. thanks for the report though! have a good one over on TG :slightly_smiling_face: