Akutoreiza ban appeal

Byond Account: Akutoreiza
Character Name(s): Asteroid / AV
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): spacebabe#8884
Round ID of Ban: 21553

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://imgur.com/a/XJHd9KP
State your appeal: I joined the Discord to see what was up and got told I wasn’t trusted to say “stupid shit” when multiple people were talking about the same thing and I was honestly trying to veer off that convo anyway. They put me in the shed, and I was talking with a guy about being cringe and how I was gonna go play on the server and be cringe. That’s what I got permabanned for. I really don’t think saying “I’m going to be annoying cause they put me in a box!” is worth banning. Especially if I didn’t even JOIN the game after I said it. I really like Fulpstation and how they do things. I’m sorry if my sense of humor sucks or if I’m annoying, I really try to keep it to myself. Don’t really know what to say other than sorry for being irritating, I’m really starting to learn the vibe of the game and I’m getting better at the jobs n shit. it’s sad but this server means a lot to me.

You’ve been getting bans for using slurs across servers for the last 2 years (at least) and did the same thing on Fulp. If you haven’t figured out that no one likes your “stupid shit” by now, you’re not gonna get it, and you’re gonna keep getting banned from everywhere decent. This is denied. You can technically appeal again in 6 months, but I wouldn’t bother.