Alien Hunter directly ignoring the orders of queen after being told multiple times

Byond Account: HoodMilk

Character Name(s): Vae

Discord Name: Hood Milk#1414

Round ID: 11656

Griefer Byond account: unknown

Griefer Byond name: Alien Hunter(275)

What happened: I was crew that had a hive node implanted in my brain and became part of the xenomorph hivemind (it was mostly for survival but chilling with aliens is also cool) Everything went well and I helped the hive keep crew they wanted alive from not dying (Not sure why there were so many they specifically spared but whatever) and was having some fun while talking on alien radio while doing my chemistry job. The queen gave the hive direct orders to let me walk freely through their areas and to not be attacked as i was part of the hivemind. This continues for around 25ish minutes and suddenly an alien hunter lunges at me from maints, which is normal because they usually attack things that don’t look Xenos. I repeatedly tell him that I’m part of the hive and to ask the queen (all while pleading for help in hivemind radio) and they completely ignore it and kill me. Then after killing me they instantly rush to Lavaland and suicide by walking into lava. I’m not entirely sure but it really feels like a Metagrudge thing since i was the last person they killed after suiciding and went out of their way to kill me. Screenshots down below. Admin Guillaume said this was against the rules in #Ask-mods on the Fulp Discord


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I’ve looked into this, thank you for the report!

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