All my hard earned cash, gone... On a greenshift

Byond Account: SpaceDragon00
Character Name(s): Beatrice Isamoff
Discord Name: Beatrice Isamoff
Round ID: 14526
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Absolutely no idea
What happened:

Was a bartender on a greenshift, decided to help out cargo by just getting absolute metric assloads of bounties done. Finished 1 or 2, got a tablet for the exporter app, and got to work sending bounty after bounty. It took a while to notice my packages weren’t getting delivered, or I wasnt getting notified of them, mostly because cargo that round wasn’t the best at actually sending the cubes. My suspicions heightened as time went on, so I asked the HoP for cargo access to see what was going on, only to find absolutely none of my cubes, with none of the profits that come with them. Bar codes littered the floor, and I hadnt received any notifications as to the whereabouts of my cubes. I never saw who did it. At the round end report, the only person who had a significant amount of money was the Captain, who wasnt in cargo, so I suspect it was either someone who spent all that money, or someone, like the QM, who put it on their budget card

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Unless you had a name or ckey, there’s really nothing that we can investigate.

Cant cargo logs be checked to see who got the money from the bounty cubes?

I dont know this myself so its just a theory