Amir Stroble more like-

Byond Account: SilverBoi
Character Name(s): Silvina
Discord Name: Silvina
Round ID: 29867
Date: 16/12/23
Griefer IC name: Amir Stroble
Griefer Byond account (if known): Loeuw

What happened: Validhunting and making chloral as a non-antag chemist


Thank you for finally posting this Grief report, I made the choral after learning that There was a clown with a syndicate pie cannon shooting at me. I used it to put the clown to sleep. You repeatedly harass me after every round calling me a shitter in ooc. Can you chill out? I can admit that sometimes when I play traitor I am on the borderline of breaking rules, but that’s cause I took a pretty long break from the game and now have to relearn the rules, especially on Fulp where it’s so different.

Harass is wild, i didn’t even know what your ckey was until today. Think you got me confused with someone else.

Maybe not specifically you, but every time you randomly accuse me of breaking rules in D-chat, the rest of D-chat starts screaming about me breaking rules. When no rules were broken in the first place.


This has been handled. Thanks for the report!