Angel Hawking xenobio random murder and shuttle bridge tiding

Byond Account: heehawmcgraw

Character Name(s): screw

Discord Name:

Round ID: 17829

Griefer Byond account: unsure

Griefer IC name: Angel Hawking

What happened: Doing engi shit, a xenobio blob spore was on a jani cart. He wanted me to ride so okay whatever. He brought me to xenobio and I had a bad feeling but was like whatever it’s the end of the shift anyways. I go in and am quickly killed by the xenobio with a chainsaw to “feed his creatures” as he tells my corpse. So he proceeds to tide all the way into shuttle bridge with his creatures, has them smash open fireaxe+doors and they all start murdering anyone near bridge. Anyways at the end of the shift I checked post-game and not only was there not a hijack objective anyone, they weren’t even an antag.

This has been dealt with. Thanks!