Angry_Mailman job ban appeal

Byond Account: Angry Mailman

Character Name(s): Dick P Steel

Discord Name: Courier 6#7043

Round ID of Ban: 23369

Ban Message: Banned from Roles: Head of Security, security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer for 3 days - Round ID #: 23368 Ckey of offender: Angry Mailman Requesting Staff Member: Stragnk Rules Broken: Command 1.1 Reason: Used lethals on a cultist in crit in medbay before they had halos, where they were not in any other danger. Length: 3 day security

State your appeal:
Shot cultist twice with energy gun while they were cuffed in a stasis bed
I was told to stop by an admin so I said sorry and did
I then proceeded to heal the cultist in question and bring them to brig where they were promptly deconverted and let go.

While this is against our security rules, you don’t have any similar notes about abusing crew as security, so I’m going to accept this appeal; however, please make sure to re-read the security expectations and space law as next time it will be a ban.