Another antagonist: The Fallen

As the shock of my other antag request being accepted why not another

The Fallen

A antagonist that can spawn at any time of the round so long it meets these conditions:
Black or Midnight star
More than 50 people
With a security team.

The fallen will be a type of antagonist like slaughter demon but this time with a bit of monster hunter and traitor aspects mixed in.
The Fallen works by objectives to kill things like slaughter demon but there will be the monster hunter aspects with every objective completed you get a blood gem.
These blood gems can be used for spells like.Summoning stealth armor,Combat armor,Devils Slaughter,Summon ally.
Devils slaughter will be a AOE attack that will make a shock wave and spawn small enemies .
Ally summon will summon a medium sized demon to attack others.
It will have weapons like,Void cane,The slaughterer=gun,And Demon Slasher.
The objectives will change when requested .
I am not expecting to recieve feedback blah blah blah do your thing in the comments

Good luck getting someone to code that

eh hey my other antagonist got approved so who knows