Another trashy green text style story from me

Be a maid clown
(unrobust I know)

get my pie cannon stolen by a mime named joker

get angry

chase him trying to get the pie cannon

he misses every single pie

decide to just throw chairs at him

dude gets to moderate bruising from the chairs before sec batons me

get away with a warning from sec

run to med where a doctor whispers to me “do you like the people who run this station?”

I say “no” thinking it was another of those haha shitec jokes

end up getting flashed and turned into a revolutionary

Ai finds out pretty quick that there’s a rev base in med so it bolts and electrifies medbay saying that anyone inside restricted areas will be considered a rev

fabricate a plan before sec gets there

break into the room where the techfab is and make circular saws

use said saws to break the window leading into chemistry and make simple potassium + water chemical bombs

say “I learnt this in clown school” because apparently funny banana juice + water = a small boom

breach out of med with the funny bomb

instantly regret it as security is already there waiting

head rev #1 got caught panic and run into the disposal chute right as sec was about to catch me

end up in Xeno maints and find… more revs in Xeno (yippie!) they already made a bunch of carps and other sentient mobs who were loyal to us

and at this point at end up becoming a slime person (the one that can link peoples mind)

link every revs mind just as hop tries to stop us poor guy stood no chance since we had a hulk

after we killed the hop sec got pretty angry and started sending officers in riot gear to get us

end up catching one by suprise and dragging him to maints before looting his corpse
(Picture a semi transparent purple clown in a maid suit with riot gear)

run into maints sunce we were getting overwhelmed in Xeno and just did Vietnam tactics on the seccies

long battle that ended with many casualties such as. The CMO, some random seccies that got pulped by a hulk, and some poor door that died to a clown in a maid outfit

long story short the revs lost and I gave in as sec escorted me away to get rid of any contraband

So yeah this one was a bit long but it was a super fun round none the less (keep in mind there was a space ninja doing all kinds of shit that I don’t know)

Tldr: clown maid that got bullied by a mime ends up getting dragged into the revolution and ends up getting geared up

I think I was the head rev you’re talking about, I got promoted and didn’t have a flash because of that lol. We hid in maints for a while and then I got beat to death by a hulk. My last words were in the command chat using the CMO’s stolen radio, “FUCK YOU” “WE WON” “WE WERE SO CLOOOOSE”. That was an amazing antag round because the only reason things went so well were pretty much luck and people much more skilled then me helping.

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By any chance were you a moth?