Antag ban appeal - AmiTech

Byond Account: AmiTech
Character Name(s): Clark Green
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): AmiTech#2794
Round ID of Ban: 15148 
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):The ban reason is: Round ID:15148 Suicided roundstart as bartender,you've been warned several times already about antag rolling and completely ignored my ticket. This ban (BanID #20144) was applied by Bampotio on 2021-06-12 05:54:08 during round ID 15148.
State your appeal: 

So, looking back at my very dirty history of bans i don’t expect staff to believe me, but i still think it would be right to expain my side.
After my recent history i decided to stop acting like a tider and start playing rounds like a normal player. As usual i joined the round and rolled the bartender, so in search of orion trail i went to arrivals. Then i met some crewmember (clown i believe), and wanted to do something funny, so i told them to follow me.
Enter departures (since they are very close to arrivals on selene), that same guy following me. Now there i wanted to do my usual tactic, which is to walk out of airlock and enter the other one, which is out of view (or the same one via throwing stuff to get back to that same airlock). Unfortunately at that same time i got big space lag, which made me disconnect from station’s wall and fly into space, no problem i think to myself and throw the beanbags to get back to the station but unexpectedly for me the arrivals shuttle was about to arrive, so i dodged it and died next to some other airlock near arrivals. I stayed, since i did want for medics to revive me, but since that crewmember i was trying to impress said “Bartender suicided”, i think medics just decided to ignore my sensors. I stayed for around 3-5 minutes i believe, but had to AFK for a while. I didn’t disconnect, hoping someone would save me, and when i came back it was new round already. Either i am completely blind, or the admin PM message didnt appear in front of me. I think if the admin who banned me saw where my body was, he could confirm my story.

This is too many coincidences to be true and honestly, you’re not in the position to even be asking us to believe you. Try again in a month. Denied.