Antag ban appeal for blowing up part of the station

Byond Account: DeadFish768
Character Name(s): Delta
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): DeadFish™#7828
Round ID of Ban: 26028

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned from Roles: Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Changeling, Cultist, Heretic, Hivemind Host, Malf AI, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndicate Mutineer, Revolutionary, Revenant, Head Revolutionary, Sentient Disease, Spider, Syndicate, Traitor, Wizard, Bloodsucker, Monster Hunter, Infiltrator permanently - Antag 1.1- do not needlessly kill Maxcapped the middle of helio as a rev after I explicitly told you not to do this. Round 26028

State your appeal: I was playing scientist doing toxins and had to leave soon, then I got reved so I thought “Why not make a maxcap and blow myself up and take the captain with me?” so I ahelped and asked if it was ok to do so, got told something like “if you think you can do it without killing anybody else go for it, if not then don’t” so then I thought my maxcap wouldn’t do enough damage to gib someone that wasn’t either holding it or standing next to it, cuz I heated it directly using temp units, so I went for it and managed to stand next to the cap and activate the maxcap. then it seems I underestimated the maxcap and it gibbed a lot more people than I thought. then I got banned from playing antags permanently. in hindsight I should have known my bomb would do that much damage considering I refined a core with one just like it, and the refinery said it had a range of 13, but I thought that range was not the real one only a theoretical range so I underestimated it and gibbed like 5 or 6 people I think. so it was my mistake and I apologize for it and I guarantee something like this won’t happen again.

[2023-05-20 22:36:41.253] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Horatio22/(Montague L. Joyce)->DeadFish768/(Delta): Unless you can do so in a way that doesn't blow up a huge chunk of the station and kill unrelated people, then no
That’s hardly a sure, go for it.
Not only did you blow a chunk out of helio’s primary hallway (killing several other people from suffocation damage), but in addition to yourself and the captain, you gibbed a sec officer and a curator who happened to be walking past. I’m not quite sure how you made a maxcap, called it a maxcap, and somehow didn’t think that it would do significantly more damage to the station than is allowed for most antags.

well it’s a lot more convenient to call it a maxcap than to call it a ttv, and I only used t2 parts for the temp unit and didn’t know it would make a hole that big, and I learned from this mistake won’t do things like that anymore.

I will take this down from a perma to a week since this is your frist time being banned. This isnt going down to a three day because you were told explicitly not to blow up more shit then you needed to. If we have any more issues with how you play antag I won’t appeal it again.